Room, City, Building I | Gastprof. Andy Groarke

The Studio will develop buildings intended for making and displaying art, with a focus on their spatial and urban relationship to London as a city.

The project will result in a large-scale urban proposition based in the Euston Road area of London, but begin with architectural studies at the scale of the room as places for the experience of art. Students will work iteratively between the intimate scale of the room and the urban scale of a building in the city. The Studio will place a strong emphasis on making and recording physical models to test architecture in terms of its form and atmosphere, and concentrate on process as a method of relating object to subject. 

The Studio will travel to London on the 4-8th November 2015. During the visit the students will complete an introductory site visit, relevant gallery tours, visits to contemporary artist’s studios working in London, and a series of seminars at the studios of Carmody Groarke. 

The Studio will be taught in English and all submissions will be in English. The unit will be more suited to highly motivated Masters students with an interest and ability to make physical things.

A consollidation seminar accompanies the Studio „Room, building, city“. This is a compact course and can only be attended in combination with the Studio. It consists of a research trip to London during the time 04.11 - 08.11.