Room, City, Building II | Gastprof. Kevin Carmody

The house has long been a reflection of our time and place in the world. With increasing mobility and international travel, free movement through borders and even the creation of a European Union, society has become more ever more nomadic. With this social mobility, the population is increasingly relying on temporary accommodation for a large portion of their lives. More often this temporary accommodation is becoming a part of an individuals’ ‘home’ life. The studio will focus on the design of an urban proposition based around a hotel for a city centre London site. The course will begin with a study of a private hotel room and will have a strong emphasis on physical modelmaking to develop proposals which prioritise atmosphere and dwelling. The unit will then focus on the ‘public’ areas of the hotel to understand the relationship with its users, public spaces surrounding the proposal and strategic urban relevance. 
The unit will travel to London on the 28-29th April 2016. Students will be expected to be in London for a minimum of 2 full days of teaching. During the visit the students will complete an introductory site visit, hotel tours and visits to several restaurants, pubs and other relevant precedents. We will run several workshops from the London architectural studio of Carmody Groarke.
The unit will be taught in English and all submissions will be in English. The unit will be more suited to highly motivated Masters students with an interest and ability to make physical things. The unit will focus on the skills of hand drawing, modelling and photography skills.